About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of Technology is to enhance and effectively utilize a progressive technological infrastructure, including the enterprise resource planning system, content management system, learning management system, and communication systems; and to ensure that students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to take advantage of current and emerging technology resources in alignment with the university’s mission of leading the educational, economic, and cultural development of Southeast Louisiana.


Office of Technology

The Office of Technology serves the university as an administrative and instructional facility, providing computer support for students, faculty and staff, and supports other technology services required by the university. The Office of Technology supports more than 200 physical servers, over 200 virtual servers, 700 virtual desktops, and more than 200 terabytes of storage.

These servers are used to host the university's ERP administrative applications, the learning management systems, as well as other academic and administrative systems.  As we implement cloud-based SaaS systems in the next few years, the number of onsite servers may be reduced.  Many of the new systems rely on virtual servers and cloud based systems.

The Office of Technology is responsible for the efficient operation of the following areas on campus:  Network & Systems AdministrationIT Solutions, and Enterprise Resource Planning.


Network & Systems Administration

Network & Systems Administration is organized into two groups that contribute unique services to a wide range of faculty, staff and students.

The Network Development group designs, maintains, and enhances the campus LAN/WAN networks, wireless networks, telephone and video systems, and the fiber and copper cable plant.

The Systems Engineering group maintains university data centers and numerous server operating systems and critical server applications across many physical as well as virtual servers.


IT Solutions

IT Solutions is comprised of the Help Desk, Computer Resales, Telephone/Data Support Center, and the Student Technology Center.

The mission of IT Solutions at Southeastern Louisiana University is to provide technology support to the university community through computer hardware and software installation, repair, consultation, training and customer service/desktop support assistance, in addition to installation and maintenance of data and telephone throughout the campus.

It is also the mission of IT Solutions to provide management and maintenance of departmental computer laboratories throughout the campus to facilitate life-long learning through technology support in a student-centered environment.

The Help Desk provides instruction, support and consultation to faculty and staff in the efficient use of the latest software technology available, and provides timely hardware installation, service and maintenance.

The Computer Resales group assists faculty and staff by providing a conduit for the purchase of University-Standard equipment and basic computer supplies.

The Telephone/Data Support Center provides the best possible installation and maintenance of data and telephone systems for all faculty, staff and students.

The Student Technology Center hosts a number of technology services for Southeastern students. Funded and supported by the Southeastern Student Technology Fee, the STC is located in the heart of main campus and provides two computer labs with 74 computer stations that have multiple laser printers, including color printers. In addition to the labs, students have 24/7 help desk phone support, chat support, an equipment checkout service, and opportunities to receive technical training on how to use various systems at Southeastern such as the learning management system, email, and class registration systems.

The Database Team supports, maintains, and improves the administrative systems of the University.


Software Development & Database Administration

Software Development & Database Administration supports, maintains, and improves the administrative and student systems of the University.

Software Development & Database Administration has two main groups:  Database Administration, and Development, which includes Web application development.

Database Administration supports and maintains the databases used by the University’s systems.

The Development group codes enhancements, extensions, and integrations to the University’s ERP systems.